Stefano Giuliano was born in Messina. From a very young age he has played in concerts, solo and in duo with the piano; he has  also played in chamber orchestras, such as the "Estro armonico" orchestra in Messina, and later in other ensembles like "Musica d'oggi" and "Roma Sinfonietta". He obtained his diploma under the guidance of M°. A. Salvatore at the S. Cecilia conservatory in 1992 with very good grades in violin and chamber music.  It was from this conservatory that he was chosen, for two consecutive years, to do solo exhibitions with the conservatory orchestra by playing concert K. 218 in D major of W. A. Mozart and the "Great Concert" in F sharp minor of H. Wieniawski the following year.

During his years as a student, he took part in several shows and contests, starting with:

"4° Contest for bowed string instruments" of Genova (1st place);
"2nd National Exhibition for young musicians" of Capo d'Orlando (1st place);
"2nd National Festival for young talents" of Taranto (1st place) with scholarship allocation;
"2nd National Exhibition for young soloists Vanna Spadafora" (1st place) with scholarship allocation;
"National contest E. Porrino" of Cagliari (2nd place);
"National exhibition student violinists" of Vittorio Veneto (3rd place) for the year 1986-87;
National exhibition student violinists" of Vittorio Veneto (2nd place) for the year 1987-88;

He played for many years in concerts organized by the association A. GI. MUS, sections of Fregene and Tivoli (RM) and he has been invited to play in concerts of the Montecitorio circle in Rome. He played for important musical institutions like the I. U. C. of Rome and the association "Amici della music" ("Friends of music" of Palermo)

He refined the soloist and chamber music repertoire with W. Brodski, passing a national selection and winning he Master class "Un violino per sognare" ("A violin for dreaming") for two consecutive years the Master class "Un violino per sognare" ("A violin for dreaming"); he also specialized with P. Vernikov at the music school of Portogruaro (Ve) and with the M° S. Accardo for several years at the school "W. Stauffer" of Cremona.

He obtained his degree in violin, getting the 2nd level Academic Diploma in music disciplines (Chamber music) with the best possible grade of 110 cum laude, with a dissertation on XX century chamber music. He also obtained the 2nd level Academic Diploma enabling him to teach music in middle schools offering musical studies.

He plays in concerts for solo violin and in duo with the piano, covering a repertoire going from the XVIII century to modern days.